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Take Action Now for a Smoke-free Mississippi

Dear [Decision Maker],

We need your help. Very soon, the Senate will vote on a version of Senate Bill 2726, a smokefree workplace bill that, in its current form, exempts all workplaces except government buildings.

This bill does not go nearly far enough in protecting Mississippi workers from the effects of secondhand smoke. However, this is just one critical step in the legislative process and we are confident that we can strengthen the bill in the House. Therefore, we need the bill to pass the Senate so it can move to the House where it can be fixed

Please take a moment today to contact your state senator and ask him or her to vote for Senate Bill 2726. Let him or her know that we are only in favor of a comprehensive smokefree air bill, and we will be urging the House to remove the exemptions from this bill and send a comprehensive smokefree air bill that covers all workplaces and protects ALL Mississippians!

We need to generate as many calls as possible today! Can we count on you?

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