NY: Governor Hochul, please sign the copay and CRC bills into law.


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Governor Hochul, please sign A1741-A and A2085-A into Law.

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing as a New Yorker to ask you to immediately sign into law two bills, A2085-A and A1741-A, that were recently passed by the legislature and sent to you for approval. It has been more than a month since these bills have passed yet no action has been taken to enact them.

The first bill, A2085-A, would reduce patient out-of-pocket costs for colorectal cancer screening. Specifically, the bill would reduce the age at which insurers are required to cover colorectal cancer screening for average-risk New Yorkers from 50 to 45. Additionally, the legislation will eliminate patient cost-sharing for colonoscopies following a positive stool-based screening test for colorectal cancer. The legislation clarifies for insurers and patients alike what colorectal cancer screening coverage must be included following recent updated federal and state guidance.

Every day that insurers are not required to cover colorectal cancer screening for average-risk New Yorkers aged 45 and older and for the full cost of a follow-up colonoscopy after a positive at-home test is another day that New Yorkers are at risk. Please sign A2085-A into law without delay.

The second bill, A1741-A, would help patients afford their prescription drugs by banning the insurance practice called copay accumulator adjustments. Many patients rely on financial assistance programs to reduce the cost of their medication, but insurers increasingly are using this new tactic to undermine these financial assistance programs. Copay accumulator adjustments prevent patients from getting the savings to afford their medications.

This important legislation ensures that patients in New York will not be punished for using copay assistance and help New Yorkers afford lifesaving medication. Please sign A1741-A into law without delay.

Combined, these two pieces of legislation are critical to preventing cancer and helping patients afford their care. Please sign A2085-A and A1741-A into law without delay.

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