AZ: Ask your Representative to Vote NO on HB2682


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Vote NO on HB2682

Dear [Decision Maker],

We need you to stop Big Tobacco's monstrous bill, HB 2682. The House Sponsor even referred to this bill as a "Frankenstein bill", which is a fitting description since it would wreak havoc on cities in Arizona.

The tobacco industry was able to strip everything out of a noncontroversial House bill in the Senate and instead add a Big Tobacco wish list providing the loopholes the tobacco industry wants to keep luring kids to their dangerous, addictive products.

HB2682 prevents local jurisdictions from regulating tobacco, yet maintains harsh penalties on kids for possessing the very products that Big Tobacco spends millions of dollars to attract them to.

It's ludicrous to think that we would want the tobacco industry to write the bill that regulates their products!

Please oppose HB2682.

There are proven policies to stop the tobacco epidemic and none of them come from the tobacco industry. I encourage you to continue to support public health by voting NO on HB2682.

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