Once Again, Make Cancer a Priority in Delaware


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Once again, please make cancer a priority

Dear [Decision Maker],

As you are aware, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) volunteers were at the State House virtually this week, sharing how cancer has touched our lives and asking you to reduce its impact on Delaware. As we end this week of action, as a volunteer with ACS CAN and a resident of Delaware, I am once again asking you to support the following evidence-based policy priorities:

Breast and Cervical Cancer: Maintain level funding of $550,000 for Delaware's Screening for Life program, the state's breast and cervical cancer screening and treatment program for low-income uninsured and underinsured women administered by the Delaware Department of Health.

Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Funding: Fund and sustain evidence-based, statewide tobacco use prevention and cessation programs at $7 million. This will keep Delaware's funding at over 50% of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) recommended guidelines.

This year in Delaware, an estimated 7,090 people will hear the words "you have cancer" and will begin the battle against this disease. The good news is the five-year relative survival rate for all cancers has continued to improve. The success we have had in fighting the war on cancer is evident in estimated 15.5 million Americans who are cancer survivors today many of whom are cancer free.

ACS CAN looks forward to working with you to advocate for policies, laws and regulations that will reduce the burden of cancer in Delaware and on the people living in your district. A full list of our 2021 legislative priorities can be found, here.
Wishing you the best for a productive legislative session in 2021.

Thank you.

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