WY 2021: Thank Your Lawmakers for Supporting Medicaid Expansion!


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Thank you for your support of Medicaid expansion

Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent, and someone who advocates for cancer patients and survivors, I'm writing today to thank you for voting for House Bill 162, the Medicaid expansion bill, that came before the full Wyoming House of Representatives on 3rd reading on March 24th/Senate Labor, Health & Social Services Committee on March 31st - legislation that would have paved the way for Medicaid expansion in the state of Wyoming. I deeply appreciate your support this session and hope you will support such legislation again in the future.

More than 3,050 Wyoming residents will hear the words, "you have cancer" this year and far too many state residents will be uninsured when they hear this devastating news. Uninsured individuals have lower cancer screening rates, higher cancer incidence and higher death rates. Expanding Medicaid can help improve access and utilization of preventive care, prevent some cancers, increase early detection of numerous cancers, and result in better health outcomes and survival rates for patients and survivors.

Cancer patients, survivors, and residents who will be diagnosed with cancer face incredible challenges trying to win their fight with this deadly disease especially those who are uninsured. Having access to health insurance is a matter of life or death when fighting a disease like cancer. Ensuring that low-income individuals and families have access to comprehensive, affordable health care coverage is one of the most critical ways lawmakers can successfully reduce cancer incidence and mortality in our state.

Again, thank you for your support of Medicaid expansion during the 2021 legislative session. I urge you to continue to support future Medicaid expansion legislation.

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