New York kids deserve healthy tobacco-free lives


  • Ms. Rachel Mayo


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New York kids deserve healthy tobacco-free lives

Dear [Decision Maker],

As students in New York, we are worried about the impact Big Tobacco is having on our generation. Why are we worried? Tobacco companies are targeting us and our peers to be the next generation addicted to tobacco products.

And we won't stand for it! We're taking a stand against Big Tobacco.

Please stand up against Big Tobacco with us by committing to increase the tax on all tobacco products and restoring funding to the state's tobacco control program.

After years of downward trends in New York, the smoking rate among high school students is rising. Overall use of all tobacco products has also increased. This isn't surprising as Big Tobacco's playbook includes creating new flavored products that are enticing to youth. We must act now to change this!

Increasing tobacco taxes is an effective tool to help protect kids from Big Tobacco yet New York hasn't increased the tax on most tobacco products, including cigarettes, in over a decade.

We propose three steps you can take now:
1. Increase the NY cigarette tax by at least $1.00 per pack. This will
prevent 22,200 kids under 18 from ever starting to smoke and will
mean 4,800 fewer young adult smokers (ages 18-24).
2. Establish a parallel tax on other tobacco products to stop kids from
switching to cheaper tobacco options.
3. Restore funding to the state's tobacco control program that
effectively helps prevent kids from using tobacco products.

Please make the health of our generation a priority by standing up to Big Tobacco and increasing New York's tobacco tax now.

Thank you,
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