Raise New Mexico's Tobacco Tax by $2.00 to Save Lives


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Raise New Mexico's tobacco tax by $2.00 to save lives and generate revenue

Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent, I'm writing today to urge you to support raising the NM tobacco tax by $2/pack.

Given the current state budget deficit, caused by the COVID-19 economic impact, an overall increase in the cost of tobacco products is a win/win for New Mexico, saving lives and producing needed revenue for our state. By raising the price of these deadly products, we can prevent kids from starting to use tobacco, encourage current smokers to quit, and reduce the deficit.

Tobacco use increases the risk for more than a dozen cancers. Cigarette tax increases of $1/pack or more with equivalent taxes on all other tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, are reliable sources of substantial new revenue while also reducing tobacco use and tobacco-related disease and costs associated with both. A $2/pack increase in the cigarette tax is projected to generate $28.63 million for New Mexico. This price increase would bring in much needed revenue and result in an estimated 14,000 adult New Mexicans quitting. It would also prevent another 8,100 kids from becoming adult smokers.

The last figure I'll leave you with is $476 million. That's the projected long-term health care cost savings from the adult and youth smoking declines in New Mexico. As your constituent, I'm asking you to help save lives and the future of New Mexico. Support raising New Mexico's cigarette tax today!

Thank you!

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