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Cancer Fighting Priorities

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing today as your constituent and an advocate with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN). I wanted to share with you our cancer-fighting agenda for 2021 and ask that you invest $13.6 million dollars in proven effective tobacco prevention and treatment programs, reauthorize funding for North Dakota's Medicaid Expansion, and maintain funding of $400,000 for the Women's Way Program.

Over the years, investing in tobacco prevention and cessation programs in North Dakota has thousands of lives and billions of dollars. Now is not the time to end funding for programs proven to prevent kids from using tobacco and help adults quit. I hope you support maintaining the funding of tobacco control programs at $13.6 million dollars a year. This is a smart investment in the health of North Dakotans.

The evidence is clear: Medicaid Expansion is critical to preventing and detecting cancer early in North Dakota. Since 2013, low-income and uninsured North Dakotans that have used this program have been able to detect cancer early and had access to treatment that they otherwise would not been able to afford. Now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the resulting loss of jobs and income, the reauthorization of Medicaid Expansion is more important than ever.

Finally, I hope you will preserve funding for North Dakota's breast and cervical screening program, the Women's Way Program. The Women's Way program provides cancer screenings to uninsured and underinsured women. This program helps to get more North Dakota women across the state screened for cancer, helping to catch cancer earlier and prevent late stage diagnosis.

As your constituent, I hope you join me in fighting cancer. I look forward to working on these issues with you during the 2021 session.

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