Tell MD General Assembly to Increase the tobacco tax in MD


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You have the power to overturn the veto on HB 732, which included line items for increasing the state's cigarette tax by a $1.75 -per -pack, increases the tax on some types of other tobacco products including, taxing electronic smoking devices for the first time, and earmarks $18.25 million toward tobacco prevention and cessation programs. We need you to vote "yes" to override the veto.

This tax is a long overdue in Maryland, as our state has not passed a single tobacco tax increase in over a decade. We were also pleased with the Maryland General Assembly's decision to provide the state's tobacco control programs with strong funding from this tax, that will help prevent tobacco addiction and save lives.

Significantly increasing tobacco taxes is one of the best ways to reduce tobacco use. This bill will provide much-needed improvements to lessen the rising toll of tobacco in Maryland.

I stand with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and ask you to override the veto on HB 732!

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