IN 2021: Tell Gov. Holcomb We Need a $2 Tobacco Tax Increase Now


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tobacco tax must be a priority

Dear Governor Holcomb [Decision Maker],

A $2 cigarette tax increase can save lives, save money and produce significant new revenue for public health in Indiana. More than 200 organizations across the state from health care providers to business groups support raising the tax and I urge you to make this a priority during the 2021 legislative session.

More than 11,000 Hoosiers will die from a tobacco-related illness in 2021 and, without action, thousands of kids will become addicted to tobacco. Raising the cigarette tax by $2 can help 100,000 Hoosiers become or remain tobacco free and it would produce nearly $350 million in new revenue that can be directed to our most pressing health challenges.

Though Indiana faces many challenges in the days ahead, smoking remains a leading threat to our health and it addressing this crisis demands leadership from Indiana policymakers. Please support a cigarette tax increase this year.

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