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Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent and a volunteer with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, I'm reaching out to ask you to please work with your colleagues to include Amendment #1 when you debate SB.2769: An Act Putting Patients First.

Amendment #1, sponsored by Senator Crighton, would ensure that consumers have access to health care plan prescription drug information before a plan is purchased including the list of drugs covered, the cost to the patient in real dollars, and any steps a patient must take in order for it to be covered by the plan. The amendment would also ensure that the information is available in the same way across all health care plans to ensure that consumers can easily compare plans via website and a toll-free number.
This amendment will empower cancer patients, and all health care consumers, to make informed decisions and find the health care plan that fits their prescription coverage needs. The day to day life of a cancer patient is stressful enough without having to worry about paying for the lifesaving medication they need but can't afford simply due to a lack of transparency.
Please work with your colleagues to include Amendment #1 in the final version of SB.2769: An Act Putting Patients First when it comes to the Senate floor for debate. I look forward to hearing your response on this important issue.

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