Hold Stores that Sell Tobacco, Including e-cigarettes, accountable


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Pass HB 1001 without further amendments

Dear [Decision Maker],

Despite all that's happening, we cannot overlook the impact tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, are having on Colorado's young people. Unfortunately, teen e-cigarette use rate, at 26%, leads the nation. The use rate is even higher in many of our counties.

House Bill 20-1001 gives teens a fighting chance against the tobacco industry and its allies. This is a fair and reasonable policy that will undoubtedly keep tobacco, including e-cigarettes, out of the hands of teens. Colorado is one of only a few states that does not license retailers who sell tobacco products, including e-cigarette retailers, nor comprehensively enforce youth access laws.

Holding tobacco retailers, including e-cigarette retailers, accountable is a critical prevention component necessary to ensuring a healthy future for our young people. I'm so grateful for the work you do on behalf of your constituents and the State of Colorado.

Please take this important step forward by voting YES in support of our kids and HB 20-1001 as passed by the House.

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