IA: 2020 Tobacco Prevention Funding


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Dear [Decision Maker],

Welcome back to session. As a constituent and cancer advocate, I'm reaching out to ask you to preserve the Tobacco Use Prevention and Control program at $4.02 million.

In Iowa 16.6% of adults smoke cigarettes and is estimated to the cost the state $1.28 billion in direct health care costs. Given the projected budget deficit in Iowa, it is vital that evidence-based programs are in place to reduce tobacco use and reduce taxpayer-funded healthcare costs.
The benefits of quitting tobacco are more important than ever as we address this pandemic. We know there is a direct link from tobacco use and cancer, but there isn't yet direct evidence that quitting can help people avoid more serious outcomes if they get COVID-19. We do know that there are health benefits that occur quickly after quitting smoking, including rapid improvements in blood carbon monoxide levels and in respiratory tract function, as well as slower improvements over time in immune function. These improvements could potentially mean better health outcomes related to COVID-19. For the health or Iowans and the economic benefits for the state, I urge you to protect the $4.02 million for Tobacco Use Prevention and Control.

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