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Don't Put Lives at Risk - Cancer Never Stops

Dear [Decision Maker],

As you and your able colleagues return to the State Capitol to take on the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting economic crisis, cancer hasn't stopped - and neither has the need to prevent and detect cancer early. Pandemic or not, over 27,000 Coloradans will be diagnosed with cancer in 2020 and, unfortunately, an estimated 8,220 will succumb to the disease.

On behalf of the over 200,000 people in Colorado whose lives have been affected by cancer, I am writing to encourage you and your colleagues to use the limited time left this session to do the utmost possible to continue the Centennial State's fight against cancer in the most science and evidenced-based, cost effective way possible:

1. Please vote NO on the proposed fiscal emergency declaration enabling significant cuts to Amendment 35 tobacco control, breast and cervical cancer screening and other vital cancer, cardiovascular and pulmonary disease (CCPD) programs.
2. Please continue the process to pass House Bill 1001, making 21 the legal age for tobacco sales and establishing tobacco retail licensing and comprehensive enforcement
3. Please continue the process to pass House Bill 1103, enabling more Coloradans access to life-saving colorectal cancer screenings
4. Please continue the process to pass House Bill 1232, enabling better access by Medicaid patients to clinical trial trials

Please vote for a future free from many of the needless cancer deaths currently threatening the Coloradan's health!

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