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Preserve New York State Cancer Services Program

Dear [Decision Maker],

For many, early detection is the difference between being a cancer survivor and being a cancer statistic. That's why it is critically important that New York State Cancer Services Program (CSP) funding be preserved. Thousands of uninsured New Yorkers rely on this program every year to receive breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screenings that would otherwise be detected too late, when outcomes are worse, and treatment is more expensive.

We know it's a busy and challenging time and you are considering the proposed cuts to the state budget due to COVID-19. But with an estimated 17,540 new cases of breast cancer, 930 new cases of cervical cancer, and 8,910 new cases of colorectal cancer in New York this year, now is not the time to be cutting this life-saving program. Detecting cancer at its earlier, more treatable stage can save lives as well as health care dollars, and CSP funds are critical to achieving this goal.

Between October 1, 2018 September 30, 2019, the CSP provided cancer screening and/or diagnostic services to 26,398 uninsured/underinsured New Yorkers and conducted:

40,105 breast screening services (includes mammograms and clinical breast exams)
10,389 cervical screening services (includes Pap tests and HPV tests)
6,243 colorectal screening services (includes fecal tests and screening colonoscopies)

As COVID-19 wreaks havoc on our state's economy, and the jobless numbers continue to soar, the need for this program will be greater than ever. Please help ensure that the many impacts of this pandemic don't include an increased risk of cancer.

Please preserve funding for the New York State Cancer Services Program in order to save lives and health care dollars.

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