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Include Access to Care In Relief Package

Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent and a volunteer for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, I'm asking you to keep the safety and wellbeing of cancer patients and cancer survivors top of your mind as you pass legislation to protect our state from further harm of the COVID-19 pandemic. Cancer patients are facing numerous barriers in accessing vital lifesaving treatment. Worse still, many North Carolinians have lost their jobs and health insurance through no fault of their own.

Low-wage workers, (heroes actually) are battling the front line of this Coronavirus crisis. They deserve the protection and peace of mind to know that if they get sick, they will be protected too with Medicaid health insurance. Please support and advocate with your colleagues to include the safety net of expanding Medicaid health insurance in the general assembly's COVID-19 Relief package.

You are faced with the opportunity to help so many North Carolinians. I hope you take it.

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