Protect access to care for all Virginians


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Protect access to care for all Virginians

Dear [Decision Maker],

As an advocate of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, I write to express serious concerns regarding Senate Bill 861, and Senate Bill 235/House Bill 795, given the sweeping changes they would make to Virginia's commercial insurance market. We urge you to veto these pieces of legislation to protect access to care for residents of the Commonwealth, in particular those living with cancer and pre-existing conditions.

Our organization represent thousands of patients and consumers in Virginia who live with serious health conditions. We have a unique perspective on what patients need to prevent disease, cure illness, as well as manage and improve health over the lifetime. Among patients' most critical needs is access to a strong, robust insurance marketplace through which they can purchase comprehensive and affordable coverage.

Our primary concern regarding all three bills is this:

- They increase availability of types of coverage that will destabilize Virginia's health insurance market by siphoning healthier consumers away from the larger marketplace risk pool.

- Virginians with pre-existing conditions will suffer the greatest harm, as their lives quite literally depend on access to affordable, comprehensive coverage.

- These Virginians represent a significant portion of the Commonwealth's population: approximately 26 percent of non-elderly residents have a pre-existing condition that could result in them being uninsurable or would face limited coverage based on their pre-existing condition.

Again, we urge you to do the right thing for Virginians and veto these bills.

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