My U.S. Senators: Please include support for critical charitable organizations in the coronavirus package


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Dear [Decision Maker],

In the negotiations going on right now on emergency COVID-19 legislation it is critical that the bill be modified to have the critical impact the nation's charities and the people and communities we serve desperately need.

We urge that Senators request and press for the following changes to the CARES Act:

- Infuse $60 billion for charitable organizations into the business loan funds section of the bill that currently includes airline company relief.

- Expand the temporary small donor charitable contributions provision to allow deduction of up to $2,000 in donations on non-itemized tax returns.

- Ensure that charitable organizations of all sizes can participate in the bill's emergency business loan program and not limit it to those with more than 500 employees as the bill currently does.

Without these changes many charities will not get relief from the bill that will ease the difficult and devastating decisions that reduced revenue and increased demand might require. We stand ready to serve patients nationwide. Cancer never stops, and we can't stop our critical mission work.

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