CA: End the Sale of flavored tobacco in El Monte


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Please End the Sale of Flavored Tobacco Products with No Exemptions

Dear [Decision Maker],

As an El Monte resident and a supporter of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN), I applaud the City Council for its work to protect youth by considering ending the sale of all flavored tobacco products in El Monte. The dramatic increase in e-cigarette use among youth is being driven by flavored tobacco products. 80 percent of youth who have ever used a tobacco product used a flavored product the first time. The tobacco industry has aggressively marketed flavored products to youth to try to addict a new generation.

Only a comprehensive policy that ends the sale of all flavored tobacco products will be effective in addressing the public health crisis we face. Any exemptions will weaken the ordinance, creating loopholes for young people to access flavored tobacco products that can lead to a lifetime of addiction. Preventing youth tobacco use and addiction is one of the most important public health actions policymakers can take. I hope to see our city join the more than 50 other cities and counties in California, including the County of Los Angeles, and the cities of Carson and Hermosa Beach, which have enacted comprehensive flavored tobacco restrictions.

I thank you for your leadership on this important issue and respectfully urge the council to enact the strongest protections available by prohibiting the citywide sale of all flavored tobacco products without exemptions.

Thank you,
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