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Vote yes on SB 1935

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Under a step therapy protocol, a patient must try one or more drugs chosen by their insurer--usually based on financial, not medical, considerations--before coverage is granted for the drug prescribed by the patient's health care provider. This can lead to delays in proper treatment as well as unnecessary discomfort to the patients themselves and potential increased costs in the form of unplanned emergency room, doctor visits or other health complications.

ACS CAN supports SB 1935 because it protects patients by: ensuring that step therapy programs are based on clinical guidelines developed by independent experts; by ensuring that the exceptions process for step therapy is transparent and accessible to patients and health care providers; and by establishing a basic framework for when it is medically appropriate to exempt patients from step therapy.

Help ensure Tennesseans have timely access to the medications prescribed by their health care provider. Vote yes on SB 1935.

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