UT: Make cancer a top priority


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UT: Make cancer a top priority

Dear [Decision Maker],

Volunteers from the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network are in Salt Lake City today asking lawmakers to make cancer a top priority by supporting HB 34.
I wasn't able to be at the capitol today, but as your constituent, I am writing to urge you to listen to the voices of cancer patients, survivors, and advocates when making important decisions that affect us all.

This year in Utah an estimated 11,900 people will be diagnosed with cancer. Just over 1,200 of those will be a melanoma diagnosis, the most deadly form of skin cancer. The greatest avoidable known risk factor for skin cancer is the use of indoor tanning devices.
We can do more to protect those under 18 in Utah from the dangers of indoor tanning. I am asking you to support legislation to prohibit anyone under 18 in Utah from using an indoor tanning device, without exception, by supporting HB 34.
Thank you for your help to make Utah a healthier state, today and for future generations

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