OK: Please vote NO on HB 3221


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Please vote NO on HB 3221

Dear [Decision Maker],

Candy flavors and kids go together. The tobacco industry knows that all too well and has used that fact to market their products to our kids. That is why I'm asking you to VOTE NO on HB3221.

HB3221 is the perfect way to get their highly addictive products in the hands of kids. Their plan is simple. Have the Oklahoma legislature call their tobacco product not a tobacco product. You heard me right.

The tobacco industry is rolling out a new generation of tobacco products that look and taste like candy and utilize nicotine salts that are derived from tobacco. These new "lozenges" come in different candy flavors the same type of candy flavors that Juul has removed from the market.

I'm asking you as your constituent and an American Cancer Society Cancer Action Volunteer to VOTE NO on HB3221.

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