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penalize retailers, not kids

Dear [Decision Maker],

It is too easy for kids to get tobacco in Indiana. Nearly two-thirds of Hoosier high school students say it would be easy for them to get tobacco products and most kids who attempted to buy tobacco from a retail store did so successfully.

Instead of holding retailers accountable for feeding this addiction crisis, our laws have targeted addicted kids.

Currently, a kid who purchases, uses, or possesses tobacco can be fined up to $500, but a retailer only faces a $200 fine for selling that tobacco to a kid. And last year, kids were penalized for tobacco possession 2,427 times in Indiana, but only 272 retailers faced a penalty for selling to underage buyers.

That's wrong!

The science is clear--punishing kids for tobacco addiction won't help them quit and it does little to deter their use of these products. And, the data show that these penalties disproportionately affect black and Hispanic youth.

It's not fair that kids face harsher penalties than tobacco retailers and I urge you to protect our kids by supporting a fix to this problem.

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