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No more delays--Pass Intro 1345 now

Dear [Decision Maker],

It has been more than one year since the New York City Council introduced legislation to close the loophole that allows for menthol cigarettes to continue hooking our kids. That loophole has allowed glaring racial and ethnic disparities in smoking rates to persist for a decade and contributed significantly to the over 12,000 lives lost every year to tobacco-related illnesses in New York City. Enough is enough. It is time to vote.

The legislation has a historic level of support in the City Council and the community with 37 co-sponsors and the support of more than 100 health, social justice, religious and community organizations. With this level of support, it would be unprecedented for the legislation not to pass.

It is time to bring the bill to a vote. Each day that the legislation languishes more kids continue to get hooked on menthol cigarettes and Big Tobacco wins.

As your constituent, I am calling on you to put the health of all New Yorkers ahead of everything else and pass Intro 1345 now. New York City must restrict menthol cigarettes now.

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