UT: Help Prohibit youth from using indoor tanning devices


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Dear [Decision Maker],

I am your constituent and I would like to inform you about a bill that will help protect Utah teens, and that bill is H.B. 34, prohibiting indoor tanning for minors.
H.B. 34 would prevent anyone under the age of 18 in Utah from using indoor tanning devices.
Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States. In Utah, there is an estimated 1,230 cases of melanoma. Melanoma of the skin is a cancer of concern because Utah has the highest melanoma incidence of any state in the U.S. The overall incidence rate for invasive melanoma in Utah for 2006 to 2015, not considering race and ethnicity, is 70% higher that the remainder of the U.S.
One in thirteen high school girls nationwide have used a tanning device, with numbers increasing to one in eight by their senior year. Tanning before the age of 35 increases the risk of melanoma by 59 percent, squamous cell carcinoma by 67 percent, and basal cell carcinoma by 29 percent. Rates increase even more when tanning devices are used before age 25.

We anticipate the bill coming up for discussion and vote again very soon. When this happens, I hope that I can count on you to vote yes. Voting yes on H.B 34 will protect our youth from exposure to the harmful effects of indoor tanning devices. The current law is not sufficient.

We have seen that If properly enforced, laws that prohibit the use of indoor tanning devices for individuals under the age of 18 effectively deter youth from using tanning devices and could help to reduce skin cancer incidence and mortality rates across the country. There are Currently 19 states and the District of Columbia have laws in place that prohibit the use of indoor tanning devices by anyone under 18. A 2018 study found that indoor tanning prevalence among female high school students in states with age restriction laws was 47 percent lower than among those not affected by such laws.

Please protect the youth from the harmful effect of indoor tanning devices and vote YES on H.B. 34.

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