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Clackamas County needs a tobacco retail license!

Dear [Decision Maker],

In 2018, 23.7% of retailers inspected illegally sold tobacco products to people under 21. That is why I am urging your support of a tobacco retail license ordinance in Clackamas County. Although our state has taken steps in the right direction to prevent kids from a life-long addiction to tobacco products, there is still much more to be done.

A majority of U.S. states require tobacco retailers to obtain a license before selling deadly and addictive products, but not Oregon. Requiring tobacco retailers to obtain a license would provide the county with a list of all tobacco retailers along with where they are located which would assist with enforcement of tobacco control laws and retailer education. Without a tobacco retail license, store owners and clerks are not incentized to follow current tobacco laws because they know enforcement checks are rare. What is most egregious is that without a tobacco retail license, local governments have no power to stop a bad-acting retailer from selling tobacco products to underage youth. A strong tobacco retail license ordinance would change that by empowering local public health officials to protect our kids.

The evidence is clear, our community supports a tobacco retail license ordinance. According to a recent survey of conducted by Clackamas County Health and Human Services, 66% of retailers surveyed either support or have a neutral position on a tobacco retail ordinance.

For decades Big Tobacco has marketed deadly and addictive products to addict today's youth to be tomorrow's smoker. Local lawmakers have the power and responsibility to protect young people in our community from the harms of lifelong tobacco addiction. As a member of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, I urge you to prioritize the health of our communities by supporting a tobacco retail license ordinance.

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