Vote YES to Reduce Barriers to Improve NC Health/Safety (H450)


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Vote Yes on H450 - Reduce Barriers to Improve NC Health/Safety

Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent, I am writing you about my serious concerns about the step therapy/fail first practices that insurance companies use to prevent patients from receiving the lifesaving medications recommended by his/her providers. Step therapy/fail first practices allows insurance companies to require insured patients try less expensive and often less-effective medications, and fail on the step therapy treatment, before the insurance company will approve the prescriber recommended medication that is on the patient's formulary.

Over 20 states have passed similar legislation, including states like Virginia and Georgia. On behalf of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, I ask you to vote YES to pass the consensus legislation Reduce Barriers to Improve NC Health/Safety (H450) in the Senate and urge your Senate colleagues to join you as well.

I hope you will stand with the healthcare community to support this important access to care legislation.

Best regards,
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