CA: Protect Youth, Not E-Cigarette Manufacturers


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Please Vote no on AB1639

Dear  [Decision Maker],

As a constituent, I am asking you to vote "NO" on AB1639. As an elected official, you have the ability to protect youth from the potential lifelong addiction to tobacco products. However, AB1639 will do little to curb the current youth e-cigarette epidemic raging in this state.

Laws that penalize youth possession have been shown to be ineffective and merely shift the focus away from where it should be--cracking down on tobacco companies that target kids. Focusing on youth purchase shifts responsibility away from the tobacco companies that are producing these products designed to prey on kids and the retailers who are selling these products to kids.

Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death in California, and sadly, most smokers begin this deadly addiction before they are legally old enough to buy tobacco products. The tobacco industry has preyed upon young people in low income neighborhoods, in communities of color and in LGBTQ communities with kid-friendly flavors, low prices and aggressive advertising. This targeted marketing adds to health disparities in populations already impacted by social inequities.

Please put the health of Californians first by voting "NO" on AB 1639.

Thank you,
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