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Oppose legislation to reduce the tax on liquid nicotine

Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent I am asking you to maintain the liquid nicotine tax as passed in July 2018 by opposing all efforts to alter the tax, change product definitions, or lower the tax on any tobacco products including e-cigarettes.

Pending bill S-3877/A-5385 is not in the best interest of the state's health or budget. It would exempt certain types of e-cigarettes and their paraphernalia from the tax on liquid nicotine and create a new definition of "vapor businesses" different than tobacco businesses.

For example, JUUL currently accounts for 70 percent of the e-cigarette market in terms of dollar share. Even though this product is currently most popular with youth, with 11.2% of youth aged 17-21 reporting use of JUUL, S-3877/A-5385 would exempt JUUL from the 2018 nicotine tax because of its use of pre-filled cartridges . Reducing the price of JUUL will make it more affordable for kids, leading to increased tobacco addiction among our young people.

E-cigarettes are tobacco products and typically deliver nicotine. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has asserted its authority over e-cigarettes as tobacco products and will regulate them as such. The FDA has not approved any e-cigarettes as tobacco cessation products.

I strongly urge you to oppose S-3877/A-5385.

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