Help ensure that cancer patients get the coverage they pay for


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Help ensure that cancer patients get the coverage they pay for

Dear [Decision Maker],

The mid-year formulary bill, S.2849 sponsored by Senator Breslin, will stop health insurers from increasing prices for medications or dropping coverage altogether during the middle of a health plan year. This legislation currently enjoys the bipartisan support of 37 senators from across the state. However, this hasn't stopped the insurance industry from attempting to gut the bill and weaken protections for cancer patients and consumers.

Please put health before profits and reject attempts by the industry to weaken this bill. I ask you to urge Senate Leader Stewart-Cousins to do the same by placing the mid-year formulary bill, S.2849, up for a vote before the session adjourns.

This legislation will help cancer patients across the state get the coverage they paid for.

Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to your reply.

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