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The health of Maine's adults and kids is currently being threatened by tobacco use. Nearly seven Maine adults die prematurely each day from their own smoking and most of them are paying for a decision they made as a kid. Ninety-five percent of adult smokers start before the age of 21 - the minimum legal age to purchase tobacco products in Maine. In fact, 27,000 kids under the age of 18 become new smokers in Maine each year. Tobacco use costs our state $800 million in direct health care costs every year.

This session, you have the opportunity to save lives and improve the health of our state by passing a proven tobacco prevention and cessation bill. The majority report on LD 1028 would close a tax loophole by taxing all tobacco products at the same level as cigarettes. The bill uses a portion of the revenue recovered from closing the loophole to adequately fund evidence-based tobacco prevention and cessation efforts across the state. The bill is a public health win-win and would implement two strategies proven to prevent and reduce tobacco use.

I urge you to support the majority report on LD 1028. Closing the tobacco tax loophole and increasing funding for the state tobacco prevention and cessation program are two of the most effective ways to prevent youth from using tobacco products and support tobacco users who want to quit.

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