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Veto SB 106 and 155

Dear [Decision Maker],

Please send a clear message to the tobacco industry, that the health of Michigan's children is your top priority by vetoing Senate Bills 106 and 155.

These bills do not go far enough to protect our state's youth from the proven dangers of e-cigarettes. The best way we can protect both our children and all Michiganders is by defining these items as tobacco products.

Senate Bill 106 creates a new definition for them instead, a tactic that the tobacco industry desperately wants. This new definition will help Big Tobacco avoid regulations such as The Dr. Ron Davis Michigan's Smoke Free Air Law designed to protect all of us.

These items ARE tobacco products and need to be regulated as such. Creating a special class for e-cigarettes only creates confusion and patchy regulation in our great state, which will result in decades of unclear rules and weak protections for our kids.

We know that you are invested in the health of all of Michigan's citizens and to protecting our children however possible. That is why we are asking you to take a stand today for all of Michigan's citizens and veto Senate Bills 106 and 155.

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