MI: Don't sell our kids out 5.8.19


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E-Cigarettes are Tobacco Products

Dear [Decision Maker],

This week you will make a big decision, a decision that could cause decades of confusing regulations and create a slippery slope in how we protect our kids from tobacco. Senate Bill 106 and 155 will be on the floor this week. If you are truly interested in protecting Michigan's children you will vote no.

The only way we can provide comprehensive protections to not just our children but all Michiganders is by defining these products as tobacco products. Senate Bill 106 creates a new definition, a tactic that the tobacco industry wants. This helps them avoid regulations that are designed to protect all of us, creating a new products only lines us up as a state that has fallen short in protecting us all.

Please take a second and review the information about this issue. These products are tobacco products, plain and simple, and need to be regulated that way. Creating a special class for these products only bring confusion and miss regulation in our great state. Please take a stand today for all in your district and in our state. Fight for comprehensive regulations for electronic cigarettes and vote no on Senate Bill 106 and 155.

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