Help us preserve Medicaid expansion for 95,000 Montanans


  • State Senator Duane Ankney
  • State Senator Tom Richmond
  • State Senator Brian E. Hoven
  • State Senator Russel 'Russ' E. Tempel
  • State Senator Fred Thomas
  • State Senator Jeffrey 'Jeff' W. Welborn


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Dear [Decision Maker],

Medicaid matters in the fight against cancer. Preserving access to care is one of the most effective ways to prevent and detect cancer early, treat cancer effectively, and bolster the quality of life for patients undergoing cancer treatment.
Montana has made significant progress in the fight against cancer reducing the number of uninsured state residents, increasing timely and appropriate utilization of primary and preventive services, detecting cancer earlier and connecting more cancer patients to treatment services.

We are pleased that the Governor and members of the legislature are committed to reaching a compromise that will reauthorizing the Montana HELP Act and create a path for the state of Montana to continue providing life-changing and lifesaving health care coverage to low-income Montanans in 2019 and beyond.
We hope that Montana policymakers will remain steadfast in their commitment to preserving access to care for countless low-income state residents.
Stop playing politics with the lives of 95,000 Montanans.
Vote yes on HB658.
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