Oregon has a problem will you be the solution?


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Oregon has a problem will you be the solution?

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Oregon has a problem. Youth in our state are under constant attack from the Big Tobacco. It is estimated the industry now spends $115 million annually to attract today's youth to deadly and addictive tobacco products, including e-cigarettes. All the while, our state is spending just $10 million per year on programs that prevent kids from smoking. Unless Oregon lawmakers take bold action, 1,400 kids in Oregon will become addicted to cigarettes this year.

Raising our state's tobacco tax by $2 per pack is proven to be highly effective at preventing kids from a life-long addiction to tobacco products and resulting tobacco-related disease. An increase to the state's tobacco tax is also an investment in the long-term health of our state that will provide much needed new revenue for tobacco prevention and education programs.

Big Tobacco is preying upon the health of our community and we should be doing so more to stop it before it starts. As your constituent and a member of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, I urge you to support HB 2270. Together we can put a stop to the predatory tobacco industry!

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