Tobacco is a Problem for SC Communities


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Constituent request: Please oppose tobacco preemption S. 492/ H. 3274.

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am a constituent who lives in your community, and I see firsthand the tobacco industry's impact on our youth. There is not a high school in South Carolina that is not currently dealing with the e-cigarette epidemic.

If you choose to take away local control and vote with Big Tobacco and the Petroleum Marketers, our children will be the ones who are hurt because of your decision. They are the ones being pursued by tobacco companies, both big and small, to try flavored e-cigarettes that contain addictive nicotine, derived from tobacco.

I urge you to stop allowing tobacco companies to influence your decisions and to hurt our children.

Please vote no on S. 492/ H. 3274. You have the power to stop the bill giving tobacco companies even more control.

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