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Support Teen Skin Cancer Prevention Act., H. 3807

Dear [Decision Maker],

Last week, members in the 3M Subcommittee heard from Dr. Ann Harriott Ervin, local chapter president of the American Academy of Dermatologist and partner at Carolinas Dermatology Group in Columbia, about the dangerous effects of tanning beds.

As Dr. Ervin said there is no safe way to use tanning beds. Minors under the age of 18 are receiving life threatening UV radiation every minute they spend in a tanning bed. Medical conditions should only be treated under the supervision of medical professionals using medically recognized treatments NOT tanning beds.

The use of other harmful consumer products such as tobacco, are not left to similar discretionary decision-making, they are regulated by law. To protect youth from the harmful effects of artificial UV we are asking you to support H.3807.

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