MD Protect Kids from BIG Tobacco


  • State Representative Ned Carey
  • State Representative Brian M. Crosby
  • State Representative Rick Impallaria
  • State Representative Talmadge Branch
  • State Representative Johnny Mautz
  • State Representative Mark N. Fisher
  • State Senator Edward 'Ed' R. Reilly
  • State Representative Dereck E. Davis
  • State Senator Brian J. Feldman
  • State Representative Diana M. Fennell
  • State Representative Warren E. Miller
  • State Senator Malcolm Augustine
  • State Representative Lily Qi
  • State Senator Delores G. Kelley
  • State Representative Benjamin Brooks
  • State Representative Lorig Charkoudian
  • State Senator Pamela 'Pam' G. Beidle
  • State Representative Mike Rogers
  • State Representative Kathleen M. Dumais
  • State Senator Antonio L. Hayes
  • State Senator Joanne C. Benson
  • State Senator Benjamin 'Ben' F. Kramer
  • State Senator Stephen 'Steve' S. Hershey Jr.
  • State Representative Kris Valderrama
  • State Representative C.T. Wilson
  • State Representative Courtney M. Watson
  • State Representative Steven 'Steve' J. Arentz
  • State Representative Seth A. Howard
  • State Senator J.B. Jennings
  • State Representative Pam Queen
  • State Senator Katherine 'Kathy' A. Klausmeier
  • State Representative Christopher 'Chris' T. Adams
  • State Representative Mary Ann Lisanti


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Protect kids from BIG tobacco

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am asking you to SUPPORT SB 895/HB 1169 Business Regulation - Tobacco Products and Electronic Smoking Devices - Revisions.

By now, you have probably heard in the news about the rise in youth using e-cigarettes (electronic smoking devices) or "vaping" as the industry calls it, and how quickly youth are getting addicted. While electronic smoking devices are the number one tobacco product youth are using in Maryland, they are also using the following products (listed in order of prevalence): cigars, cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.

Sadly, these products are reversing the success our state has had with preventing youth from using tobacco products. Now, we are calling on you, our state lawmakers, to pass legislation to prohibit stores from selling cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and other tobacco products to people under age 21.

Research shows that teens often turn to their older classmates for tobacco products. Since most 21 year-olds are not enrolled in high school, raising the sales age promises to reduce the number of high school students who can legally be sold tobacco products.

Tobacco 21 is predicted to reduce smoking prevalence by about 12 percent and smoking-related deaths by nearly 10 percent for future generations.

The House hearing for HB 1169 was on Wednesday, February 27th and the Senate hearing for SB 895 was on February 28th. Please SUPPORT this bill and vote FAVORABLY for SB 895/HB 1169. Our Maryland children's lives depend on it! Thank you.

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