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Protect New Mexico kids!

Dear [Decision Maker],

The number of kids using e-cigarettes nationwide and in New Mexico has reached epidemic levels, potentially leading to a whole new generation of addicted smokers. In New Mexico, electronic cigarettes have largely gone unregulated and have never been taxed.

As your constituent, I am asking you to vote YES on House Bill 502 to place a tax on e-cigarettes as well as other tobacco products.

Evidence shows that tobacco use in any form, including e-cigarettes, is not safe. U.S. Health officials have reported that more than 20 percent of high school students use electronic cigarettes, risking nicotine addiction, lung damage and the temptation to try traditional cigarettes.

I understand that this bill will be heard in Health and Human Services committee. I hope I can count on you to vote YES on HB 502 to prevent a whole new generation of nicotine addiction.

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