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Please oppose H. 3274

Dear [Decision Maker],

Dear Representative:
Please oppose H. 3274 a bill supported by Big Tobacco removing local community authority

South Carolina has a higher than national average of youth who use cigarettes daily and recently the Surgeon General has declared electronic cigarettes an epidemic among youth.

2,500 kids under 18 becoming new daily smokers each year.

Please protect South Carolinians from the harmful effects and the addictive nature of tobacco by voting against H. 3274. We should not remove the power from our city and county lawmakers when they are working hard to prevent youth in their communities from using tobacco products.

30% of cancer deaths in SC are attributable to smoking and 7, 200 adults die annually from their own smoking. Those numbers represent brothers, sister, moms, dads, friends, and co-workers.

Local control over matters designed to protect the public's health has numerous benefits that are lost when local power is preempted.

As your constituent and a volunteer with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, I am asking you to oppose any language that takes away the authority of local governments to regulate tobacco products.

Do not buy into Big Tobacco's ploy for more control and stand on the side of cancer prevention and protecting the youth in South Carolina.

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