Please Restore Full Funding to the Cancer Services Program


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Please Restore Full Funding to the Cancer Services Program

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a resident, I am writing to you about a serious issue. Cancer.

Cancer takes an enormous toll on New York. That's why it is critical for the state to restore state funding for lifesaving cancer screenings. The New York Cancer Services Program (CSP) provides cancer screenings for uninsured residents throughout the state. Despite the importance of cancer screenings, funding for the CSP was slashed by $5.4 million in the previous fiscal year. As a result, 2500 fewer New Yorkers received cancer screenings.

While New York has made great strides in expanding access to health care coverage, many New Yorkers are still unable to find affordable coverage. For these women and men, the CSP provides a critical service. Through the CSP, women and men receive free breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screenings.

The numbers speak for themselves. From 2017 to 2018, the CSP provided free cancer screenings to approximately 26,000 residents. The year before, 28,510 residents were served. That's 2500 fewer residents being screened after the $5.4 million cut to the program, many of whom may have missed a lifesaving screening altogether, due to lack of insurance and inability to pay.

Please make fighting cancer a top priority and restore full funding of $25.3 million to the Cancer Services Program.

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