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NM: Tell Your Representative to Vote Yes on $1.50 Tobacco Tax Increase


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Vote Yes on HB 261 Tobacco Tax Increase

Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent, I'm writing to urge you to vote YES on House Bill 261 to increase the tax on cigarettes by $1.50/pack with an equivalent tax on all other tobacco products, including e-cigarettes.

Each year, smoking-caused illness kills 2,600 New Mexicans and costs our state's Medicaid program $222.8 million. And it's estimated that this year, 800 New Mexico kids will become new daily smokers, with many more starting down that path with e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.

Raising the tobacco tax by a significant amount is a proven way to deter kids from starting to use these addictive products while encouraging current tobacco users to quit. The increase proposed in House Bill 261 is projected to decrease youth smoking in our state by 16.4% (that's 9,100 New Mexico kids). It will also save an estimated 6,100 lives, decrease Medicaid costs by $6.86 million over 5 years, and generate $30.74 million in new revenue annually.

Please vote YES on HB261. Current and future generations of healthier New Mexicans will thank you.

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