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WY: Tell members of House Floor to vote NO on HB 282!


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Dear [Decision Maker],

This bill is wrong for Wyoming. A fifty-cent per pack cigarette tax increase is simply not enough. It has been proven that tobacco companies will simply lower the cost of tobacco products by providing coupons and other incentives, so consumers never feel the effects of a small tax increase. And if they don't feel it, research shows your constituents won't quit this deadly addiction. Also, the bill does not increase a tax on other tobacco products (OTP). This increase is crucial to keep kids from seeking out dangerous and addictive non-cigarette tobacco products that will otherwise be attractive at a comparatively lower price.

House Bill 282 is focused on revenue and not health--it won't stop our great state from spending millions of dollars in healthcare costs for preventable tobacco-related diseases because it won't do enough to reduce smoking and cancer rates. It won't keep many kids from picking up this deadly addiction. Is $8 million dollars a year in revenue worth it when we should be doing more to improve health and save the lives of 1,2000 Wyomingites with a $1.00 per pack increase? I don't think so and I hope you don't either. Do what's right for your constituents: vote NO on HB 282.

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