Utah: Vote NO on H.B. 96 Medicaid Expansion Adjustments


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Please vote NO on S.B. 96 Medicaid Expansion Adjustments

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am your constituent and writing to you as a volunteer of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network. I would like to inform you about a bill that is detrimental for the health for 150,000 Utahns. This bill is S.B. 96, Medicaid Expansion Adjustments.

Although this is sent in through a form letter, please be assured that I am your constituent at the address listed and that I have read and agree with this letter.

This past Fall, more than 550,000 Utahns voted to provide hardworking, low-income state residents access to health care coverage, including cancer patients, survivors and those individuals who will face a cancer diagnosis.

Medicaid provides millions of low-income Americans access to timely and appropriate cancer screening and early detection services as well as access to comprehensive and affordable cancer treatment care. The health care provided through state Medicaid programs is proven to improve health outcomes and reduce the burden of cancer.

Preventing cancer is much less expensive than treating it and ensuring that low-income individuals and families are provided access to comprehensive, affordable health care coverage is one of the most critical ways that we can win the fight against cancer.

S.B. 96 would delay coverage and erect administrative barriers making it more difficult for our friends, family, and neighbors to obtain or maintain health care coverage. It would limit the number of people who could enroll in the program and condition Medicaid eligibility on compliance with a work or community requirement.

The passage of Proposition 3 means that Utahns earning up to $16,700 a year will qualify for coverage in the state's Medicaid program. SB96 explicitly excludes thousands of these individuals and parents, specifically those earning between $12,000 and $16,700 a year from any health care coverage through the state's health insurance program. Not only would the bill limit who could qualify for Medicaid, but it would also cap the number of low-income individuals and parents who could enroll in Medicaid.

Fighting cancer can be debilitating and the realities of treatment and survivorship often mean that an individual is physically incapable of holding a job or engaging in a job search due to the impact of their disease or treatment. SB96 could result in thousands of Utahns being denied access in the Medicaid program. ACS CAN opposes policies that would tie eligibility and access to Medicaid on compliance with work or community engagement requirements, as they could seriously disadvantage cancer patients, survivors and those who will be diagnosed with the disease.

Utah voters decided, and it is the Legislature's responsibility to respect the will of the people by fully implementing Proposition 3 and opposing bills like S.B.96. Providing low-income Utahns access to comprehensive and affordable health care coverage is a matter of life and survivorship for countless cancer patients and survivors. I respectfully ask for you to vote no on S.B. 96.

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