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Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent and a volunteer for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, I am asking you to oppose H. 3274, Tobacco Preemption. Please don't preempt local tobacco control laws especially at a time when the Surgeon General has declared the e-cigarette movement an epidemic among our children.

During a year when most of the focus is on education and our children we owe it to them to fight against Big Tobacco's fruity flavors and sales tactics that are directed towards youth.

Retailers can adapt to varying local laws.

Businesses in our state are used to complying with a variety of local laws. For example, businesses comply with different zoning laws, parking and traffic restrictions, health regulations, and tax laws. Local business owners are familiar with their local community laws, and have no reason to be confused by varying laws in different communities. Businesses that cross jurisdictional lines in the course of their work--whether city, county, state, or national lines--understand that laws differ among jurisdictions and that they need to know the laws in the areas in which they operate. Businesses that deal across state lines would not expect state laws to be changed to coincide with each other. Companies would not expect uniform national laws. Tobacco regulations are no different than other regulations that vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Consumers tend to continue with their normal buying patterns in terms of location, despite regulatory or price changes. They do not typically drive long distances to avoid such changes.

Tobacco-related illnesses are expensive and harmful for all of us. Each year in South Carolina, smoking is estimated to cost $1.9 billion in direct health care costs, including $476 million in Medicaid costs. Additionally, South Carolina experiences $2.35 billion in smoking-caused productivity losses annually.

Please do the right thing for South Carolina residents and allow our local municipalities to continue their efforts to protect our youth.

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