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Let members of the Texas Legislature know how important the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas is, and that we cannot allow its funding to drop. Texas has made incredible advancements and we cannot lose that momentum. Tell your lawmaker to ensure CPRIT's future.


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Please Support HB 39 and HJR 12

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110,000 Texans will be diagnosed with cancer this year. New therapies are essential to allow patients access to cutting edge treatments. The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT), enables research that will save lives, like the work done by Dr. Jim Allison that earned him the Nobel Prize. I am asking you to support Chairman Zerwas's HB 39 and HJR 12, which will ensure CPRIT can continue to invest in cancer research and prevention programs that save lives.

I am proud that Texas has taken steps to lead the charge against cancer. Cancer patients and families are counting on you. Please add your support to HB 39 and HJR 12.

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