Help us protect youth from indoor tanning


  • State Senator Steve Hinebauch
  • State Senator Jennifer Fielder
  • State Senator Gordon 'Gordy' J. Vance
  • State Senator Scott Sales
  • State Senator Diane Sands
  • State Senator Jen Gross
  • State Senator Margaret 'Margie' E. MacDonald
  • State Senator Bryce Bennett
  • State Senator Keith Regier
  • State Senator John Esp


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Please vote yes on SB 21 to protect Montana youth from the dangers of indoor tanning. We know for certain that the kind of radiation emitted from tanning beds can cause cancer. And for kids, the damage to their skin and thus the chances of a future cancer diagnosis -- is even more severe.

While we can't protect Montana's children from everything they might do, we can help prevent them from getting skin cancer.

We need your vote on this important issue to protect Montana's youth from the dangers of indoor tanning. Please vote yes on SB 21.

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