NY: Improve Reporting on Physical Education in New York City


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Improve Physical Education Reporting

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As an advocate for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, I strongly support improving access to physical education in New York City by all students.

While significant improvements have been achieved since the City Council first approved a Physical Education Reporting Law in 2015, more work remains.

This begins with strengthening Local Law 102. By improving Local Law 102 to make the data more comprehensive and accessible, families and advocates can better understand which schools need additional support to help their students stay healthy, learn better, and grow into healthier adults.

To continue the progress made in recent years I encourage you to support the proposed amendments (3358 and 3359) to Local Law 102, and consider expanding the data collection even further.

Please support these amendments and stand with efforts to improve access to physical education. Every child deserves a healthy neighborhood and this includes access to regular and high-quality physical education.

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