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Support Cancer Initiatives in the State Budget

Dear [Decision Maker],

On behalf of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN), I urge you to support and maintain the below cancer related initiatives and programs, as listed in the legislature's budget:

-$7.058 million for tobacco control programs from the 1% cigarette tax dedication
-$2 million for the New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research
-$3 million for the Cancer Institute of New Jersey
-$2 million for Colorectal and Lung Cancer Service Expansion
-$1 million for University Hospital Cancer Center Services
-$10 million for the South Jersey Cancer Program in Camden, bringing the total to $15.4 million
-$3 million for the Holy Name Palliative Care Pilot program
-$500,000 for smoking prevention and cessation

While on the campaign trail you said:

'I intend to follow the law dedicating one percent of tobacco tax revenue to a comprehensive tobacco control program.'

'I support increasing funding for basic research and development, and will work to ensure that it is targeted in ways that are best for New Jersey.'

'I am supportive of making palliative care available to all patients who feel that it is suited for them, and will seriously consider all ideas that promote this type of comprehensive treatment.'

Over 51,000 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in New Jersey this year. Now is the time to make these election promises a reality.

I am counting on you to stand by your word and fund these life-saving initiatives by signing a budget that includes the above cancer related programs.

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