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Please Double the E-cig Excise Tax in H.922

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a constituent in your district and a cancer fighter with American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, I'm writing to ask you to please vote to double the proposed electronic excise tax in H.922 from 46% of wholesale to 92% of wholesale to equal the rate of other tobacco products and cigarettes and direct this revenue to support evidence based tobacco prevention programs.

Why is this important? Raising the price of e-cigarettes significantly will help to prevent Vermont's kids from taking up tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and to protect them from harmful toxins. When tax increases are small, such as proposed in H.922, tobacco companies can adjust their prices to reduce the impact. By increasing the tax on all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, to an equivalent rate, Vermont can help reduce tax evasion, generate more new revenue, prevent initiation of these products and ensure that more tobacco users, especially kids, quit instead of switching to a cheaper product.

Vermont can't delay any longer. It's time to protect our kids from electronic cigarettes, including JUUL and other electronic delivery systems. Passing this bill with an e-cigarette excise tax of 92% will go a long way to improve the health of our youth and protect another generation from a lifetime of addiction.

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